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R.H.P.S is providing a dynamic approach towards education with the changing needs of society and a constant endeavors on the part of administrators and teachers.It is synonymous with academics excellence and development of personality.

The school is strictly adhered to the CBSE pattern of curriculum for all the classes .Our aim is to send our children into the wider and challenging world prepared to persue their ambitions.We value academic excellence besides promoting the creative,social and emotional facets of child development.

Our curriculum and Instruction method keep pace both with advances in the scientific world and with ever changing societal demands.

As a School, we believe that partnership between family and school is the foundation for a students's success and progress.

"Be not a sage on the stage, Be a guide by the side"

The success of the teachers lies in motivating the students,so in RHPS the school teaching programme has classes which is impeccably woven with extensive and focussed exercises for the positive reinforcement.

"Pray as if everything depended on god, and work as if everything depended upon man."
---- Francis Cardinal Spellman

During assembly the RHPians follow these words wholeheartedly & maintains a complete sanctity. The morning prayer chanted by them brings about a decorum of meditation , vendering peace & tranquility to the environment.

Computer education is an integral part of the teaching methodology at RHPS.The well qualified & dedicated staff imparts the knowledge of computers & networking to their students ,so that they can cope up well with the challenges of the computer age.

Art Education -- through the gentle strokes of crayons, or the caress of brushes ,the students are encouraged to portray their imagination on the wide array of their exploring world.

We are providing the teachers ample scope to exercise their own creativity and ingenuity so that they take every opportunity to prepare our students for life long learning by teaching them critical thinking skills that enable them to have creative & independent thought .With these abilities students can make logical choices that will support them as they seek their passion in life.This never ending process requires constant learning but rewards with constant discovery.

School follows CCE (Continuous Comprehensive evaluation) pattern for class I - V as prescribed by C.B.S.E in a semester system. Evaluation is done by the over all performance of the child. Continuous evaluation is done for the classes VI -VIII in the areas of theory, practical, project and viva. Class room involvement ability to work in a group, leadership qualities are the areas of evaluation. For classes IX - XII examination are held like a continuous rehearsal that ensures a certain level of perfection. These repeated examinations prepare the student to face the C.B.S.E examination for their respective classes i.e X and XII.


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