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  • All the parents
    are informed
    that the draw of
    for PRE-SCHOOL
    ADMISSION (2017-18)will take
    place as per
    the scheduled mentioned below:

    TIME -1:00 PM
    DATE - 6th March 2017

  • Pre-School Admission Criteria 2017-18

  • "The school is dedicated to the culmination of happiness in life with in the precincts of life….."

    * RHPS provides students with superior educational opportunity in a well caring structural & supportive environment.

    * The school is spread over 10280 Sq.metre of land.Its multistoried building provides well spacious and ventilated classrooms. Each classroom is provided with comfortable furniture & fixtures.

    * An ultra modern science laboratories at RHPS are highly sophisticated & fully equipped with scientific approach to meet the curriculum requirements for Physics,Chemistry & Biology Labs provides ample scope for the science students to reach their goals .

    * Computer Lab :The school has well equipped computer lab,where micro-machines are fitted with latest subject software. Students from class I onwards learn to use a number of packages & applications according to their level.

    * Mathematical lab : A well equipped mathematical lab ,provides students with the opportunities to have fun with numbers.It enhances the analytical reasoning capacity of the students through the remedial resources and the activities.

    * Library :The school has full-fledged library equipped with reading material to cater to the needs & interests of all age groups. Constant efforts are made to inculcate reading habits in children.


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